One day back in March of 2000, I saw Jared from the Subway commercials on the Oprah Winfrey show.  He had lost 245 pounds on the Subway Diet.  At thetime, I weighed more than I ever had before - 185 pounds.  As I watched, I thought, "I really should think about losing weight, I love Subway sandwiches, and I could probably do this."  So I decided to try it for two weeks to see what would happen.

The very first week, I lost 7 pounds.  I thought, "that was easy; I'll just keep going another week."  The week turned into a month and I found I had lost 22 pounds.  Four months later, I was 55 pounds lighter.  I went from a size 14 (and pushing size 16) to a size 6.  I can even get into some size 4's.  I even bought myself a bikini this summer - something I hadn't worn in 27 years.

In July of 2000, Kathy Rem of the Springfield State-Journal Register wrote an article about Jared.  After I read it, I e-mailed  her to tell her that Jared's diet really worked and that I had done almost the same thing and lose 55 pounds.  She called me and asked if she could come interview me.  On August 2, 2000, she wrote an article about me in her column.  Word got back to the regional office, who got word back to the national Subway office.  The rest is history....

On Thursday, November 16th, I flew to Los Angeles, CA to make a Subway commercial with Jared and four others from the U.S. and Canada.  There are pictures of the adventure on my "Photo Album" page.

The commercial appeared on TV for the first time in late December, and then consistently all through January.  In February, I flew back to L.A. for a photo shoot for "Woman's World Magazine."  It appeared in the April 10, 2001 edition.

This has all been so much fun.  Who would have thought just trying a diet for 2 weeks would lead to all of this!!!  Hopefully there will be more history to be made.