The Diet

PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE GOING ON ANY DIET!  Besides getting a bill of health, you'll have a record of your "before" weight!!!!

Breakfast - fruit (I had a banana and juice)

Lunch - a 6" Subway sandwich*, baked chips, diet soda, 2 snackwell cookies

Dinner - a 6" Subway sandwich*, baked chips, diet soda, low-fat dessert (Weight Watchers, Snackwell, Healthy Choice, etc.)


*6" Subway sandwich - those listed as low-fat on whole-wheat bread with no cheese, no mayo, or vinegar and oil (I used mustard), loaded with veggies.


MANY people have asked me about my exercise routine.  First of all, I HIGHLY recommend at least moderate exercise with this diet.  However, I will be honest and tell you that I was not able to exercise regularly at the time I was dieting.  I am the mother of two very active teenagers (and my husband participates in many sports as well), I am a part-time student, and when I was on this diet, I was working 2 jobs.  I did play on a volleyball team once a week, so I wasn't totally idle.  Other than that, I did not have the time.  However, I resigned from my part-time job and am now walking on my treadmill regularly.


It's easy; no counting fats, calories, proteins, fruits, veggies, etc.  The only thing you have to think about and decide is what sandwiches you'll eat that day and what your "whatever you want" meal will be that week.
It's inexpensive - save those Subway stamps, and every few days you get a free 6" Sub.  Also, there are frequently coupons in the paper.  Ask your friends and family to save them for you.  Take advantage of specials.  My favorite one is the three 12" Subs for $9.99.  I buy them, take them home and wrap them really good, and that's 3 days-worth of meals for only $3.33/day!!!
It's convenient - especially if you're a busy person like me.  No preparing meals or weighing anything.  Just grab a 6" and go.  You can even eat them in your car (but don't take you're eyes off the road!) when you're "on the run."
It's NOT boring - A lot of people ask if you get tired of eating the same thing every day.  But I don't!  There's a variety of sandwiches to choose from and you can alter what you have on them.
It's healthy - you get your fruit, protein from the meat, carbos from the bread, vitamins from your vegetables.
It works - I've had lots of people e-mail me and call me who have tried it and have lost weight and lost it quickly.