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A new picture of me

Me and Joella ("Subway Baby)!!!!

This is Jackie and her family.  Jackie was on the summer of 2001 Subway commercials on the beach and also in the fall of 2001 commercials with me.  Her and I have stayed in touch and I've visited her in MN several times.  Joella was born on January 15, 2002 and I went and met the new "Subway baby" in March.

Jared went to Florida and visited some of the Subways in Ken's area (Ken was the one who was in the 3-legged race with me in the Family Reunion commercial).  Ken sent me this picture of him and Jared to share with you.  Ken lost 140 pounds eating Subway sandwiches.
As of January 1, 2002, I've vowed to make exercise a bigger part of my life.  My family joined a local health club and I am working out three times a week and also going to a few exercise classes.  My goal is to get into good enough shape that I can start running once the weather gets nicer.  Many years ago, I was an avid runner and loved it.

 Here I am getting ready to go to my exercise class!  You never would have caught me in an outfit like this a few years ago!

Me and Ralph from Q106.5 in Davenport, Iowa.  Ralph lost 120 pounds following my exact diet.  Doesn't he look great???

Here's a picture of Ralph by himself.

Here are me and my driver (and good friend) Linda practicing our waves in the "Subway car" before the Illinois State Fair Parade started.  A special thanks goes to Subway Franchisees Dave Stanks and Mike Orlando for helping put this together.
Here are my young friends who walked beside the "Subway car" and passed out Subway frisbees during the parade.  They are Abby, Rachel and Rebekah , and Amanda (on the other side of the car).  Thanks, girls!!!!

And here we are in the parade.  Thousands and thousands of people lined the streets  .It was hot and a long walk (for the girls, that is) but I think we all had a good time.  I know I did!
Me and my family

Here's some of my Subway friends who've lost weight:

Ken before------>
Ken, 125 pounds lighter

Nate before

Nate after losing 62 pounds (he says he's not finished yet, but you're lookin' great!!!)

On Saturday, June 23rd, I was a judge for the Stonington Little Miss contest.  Here's a picture of me and the other two judges doing our job, which was very difficult!!!  They were all so adorable.

And the winners are.....(from left to right):
2nd runner up - Shelby - age 5
Stonington's new Little Miss - LaKota - age 3!!!!
1st runner up - Mackenzie -     age 6
Aren't they precious????

Me and the girls!!!!
This is me with one of my bestest friends in the whole world, Susan.  We met around 1971, but lost touch for several years.  But somehow we found each other again a few years ago and now we're closer than ever.  I don't know what I'd do without her.
If you've seen the newest Subway commercial, you've no doubt noticed Jackie running down the beach.  Here she is showing off her new figure!  Jackie is from Minnesota and lost 95 pounds.  You can read her story and see her before picture on Subway's website (

I've "adopted" Jackie, and she now calls me her "Subway mom" (love ya, girl!)

Here's Jason from the new  commercial.   He's the one who dives for the football at the end of the commercial.  GREAT DIVE, JASON!!!  Doesn't he look great???  He is SUCH a sweetie!!!!  

Jason is from New York, and you can also see his before picture and read his story on Subway's website (
Jason, ready to go to work!

Me and Jason
I was told I need to put a few more after pictures of me in my albumn, so here they are!!!!
Me and Kiely, my son's miniature polmeranian, relaxing.
Kevin and me at a wedding.  I thought this was a good picture of both of us!  Don't we make a cute couple????

All of my pictures so far have had to do with Subway; but I had to add this family shot!  Our son recently graduated from high school and we are so proud of him!

Me, my oldest son Kyle, and my husband Kevin.
Here's another picture of Kyle and his proud mama!!!!

I figured I'd better throw in a picture of Chad also.  This is the best one I have, even though it's not too clear.  Doesn't he look like me???  That's what everyone says anyway.

Me and Paul Anthony from WIBI 91.1 FM.  I was guest DJ.  Notice Paul is eating a Subway sandwich!

The display I set up for my talk to fellow employees regarding my Subway diet.

Me in my "Subway Mobile" (I got the license plates for a Christmas present - they're "SBWY GRL" in case you can't see them)

Sean and me making the regional commercial in Peoria, Illinois

Making the radio commercials

More after pictures of the new me!!!!

Members of "The Subway Gang"


Zoe - she is from Toronto, Canada and lost a total of 145 pounds.

Kimberly is from Dublin, Virginia and has lost 110 pounds so far.

Sean is from Oakwood, IL and has lost 95 pounds.
You can e-mail him at

Sean and Toby.
Toby lives in North Platte, Nebraska and has lost 91 pounds.  (Hey girls - he's single and a great catch!!!!)

Zoe, Sean, me, Jared, Toby and Kimberly - "The Subway Gang", who shot the new commercial in L.A. in November 2000.

The Subway Gang getting ready to go sightseeing around L.A. in our stretch limo.  (Zoe couldn't make it).

Me - enjoying the sightseeing tour in our stretch limo.

Me at my photo shoot.  I'm standing in Jared's pants!

Me sitting in front of my dressing room (it even has my name on the door!)

Another shot of the "Subway Gang"

Sean - at his photo shoot.   Isn't he a cutie?

Toby - he really loved them make-up girls!!!