Maintaining the Weight

June 2001 - it is so weird, but I have lost more weight without even trying!!!!  I'm still eating Subway quite a bit, but not exclusively.  Actually, after 2 or 3 days without a Subway sandwich, I miss it!!!!!  But I'm now down to 125 and have stayed there for over a month.

Here it is, 9 months later, and people still describe me as "tiny"  (a word I never thought would be used in the same sentence with my name!).  I'm still at 127 (I'm no longer one of those women who are offended by being asked what I weigh), but my size 8's are now too big (ahh....what a shame).  Yep, I've maintained my weight loss (even though Christmas was pretty tough).  I mostly wear 6's but also wear a lot of size 4's.  I did put on about 7 pounds over the holidays, but I went back on my Subway diet the day after Christmas until I had lost the 7 pounds.

A lot of people are asking me how I've managed to keep the weight off.  So here it is.

No, you don't have to eat Subway sandwiches for the rest of your life.  But they are still a very major part of my overall diet maintenance plan.  Eating Subway sandwiches has spoiled me - they are sooooo convenient for me and my family's fast-paced lifestyle.   It has been just wonderful over the past year being able to eat healthy, cheaply and on the run.  If I try to eat greasy food now,  it upsets my stomach.  If I eat too much (I mean like large quantities like I used to eat),  it makes me feel sick.  If I go buy groceries to make a big supper, it costs me more for one meal than it costs me to eat at Subway for several days.  So I'm spoiled.

However, when I get asked to go out to eat, or there's a family potluck, or even treats at work, I indulge.  But I'm either very careful to make sure it is something low-fat or I ask myself "Is it worth it?" Sometimes it is, but sometimes it's not.  

My family is very active - always on the go - and we don't get the opportunity very often to sit down and have a meal together.  Most evenings it's more convenient to stop at a Subway on the way home than try to figure out what I'm going to eat, buy the groceries and then make it.  There are many days at work when I just don't have the time to stop for lunch for very long.  But I do have time to  run to a Subway close by and grab a sandwich, take it back to work and eat it.

I weigh myself every day.  I know they tell you not to do that, but it helps me to keep my weight under control.  If I get up to 132 or 133, then I go back to my Subway diet until I lose the 5 pounds.

I still try to only go out and really splurge once a week.  But there are many times I'll go out two or three times. But if it is several times, you can bet it's Subway rest of the time that week!

I didn't have time to exercise while dieting, but now that the weather has gotten pretty nice, I'm starting to take long walks after work.  We have several bike trails near our house and I'm hoping to get my old bike out and back in motion.

Keeping the weight off has really been a lot easier than I thought it would.  I'm very determined never to get as big as I was before.  I love the clothes I'm able to wear now.  I love getting the second glances.  I love having the energy I haven't had in years.  Once you get to your goal weight and find out how much better everything is, maintaining the weight is easy because you never want to go back to the "before" ever again.