All About Me
A lot of people have e-mailed me asking questions about me personally, so I've decided to add this page to tell you a little bit about me and some of the more interesting parts of my life.  I've been told by many friends and family that I should write a book since I've had so many unique experiences  - my Subway experience being one of them!

HOBBIES:  Playing volleyball, reading, traveling, NASCAR (Bobby Labonte rules!), and chatting on the internet.

MY HERO:  Jared Fogel, of course.  I also look up to Dave Dravecky, the baseball player who lost his arm to cancer.  I've read all his books, and have many of his old baseball cards.  A friend of mine knows him personally and surprised me one Christmas with a copy of his book with a personal note to me in it!!!!

FAVORITE FOOD:  Duh - Subway Sandwiches!

NICKNAMES:  Pammy Kay (given to me by my young Bible study friends).


CLOTHING SIZE:  4 - I just had to throw that in because I'm so thrilled with being able to wear that size now!

FAVORITE MOVIE:  Gone with the Wind - I am an "old movie buff" and collect old movie memorabilia, but GWTW is my all-time favorite.

FAVORITE SONGS:  "How's it gonna be" by Third Eye Blind and "What if I Stumble" by DC Talk.

FAVORITE GROUP: Sonic Flood (a Christian band I got to meet personally and hear in concert a few years ago).  I also like DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline.

FAVORITE TV SHOWS:  Seventh Heaven and Touched by an Angel

I am originally from Athens, a very small town near Springfield, Illinois.  I lived there until I was 18, then moved into the "big city" where I've lived ever since.  

I met my husband, Kevin, in 1977 and we were married in May of 1979.  Our first son, Kyle, was born in 1982.  Our youngest son, Chad, was born in 1986. There are pictures of all three of them on my Photo Album page.  In a few years Kevin and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary!   I told him he had 2 choices for that special anniversary - an exotic trip or a divorce.  He told me he'd think about it and let me know (not really!!!!)  We are VERY happily married - he's not just my husband, he's my very best friend.  He also played a big, big part in my Subway weight loss.  While I was losing, he picked out and purchased ALL my new clothes (he has great taste!).  Also, if I couldn't go get my sandwiches, he would make a special trip to get them for me.  He is one very special guy and I thank God every day for sending him my way.

I work for the public utility of the City of Springfield, Illinois, City Water, Light & Power.  I have worked there since 1983, and am secretary/administrative assistant to the General Manager, Phil Gonet.  He is a WONDERFUL boss.  He has been so excited for my recent adventures with Subway and has been so cooperative in approving my last-minute vacation requests to travel for making the commercials and photo shoots.  I also have a wonderful employee, Becky, who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to cover for me in my absences.  I couldn't have done all of this traveling without her (love ya, girl!).
City Water, Light & Power

I am presently a student of Bryan Travel College.  I hope to have my diploma by this summer.  Because of this education, one of my responsibilities now at my City job is making travel arrangements for all CWLP employees.  When I retire, I plan to use this education to open my own tour company.  I want to see the world!  Bryan Travel College (UPDATE!!!!  I am now a graduate!!!!  I received my diploma in May.)

I have NOT had a boring life by any means.  I have had many unique and exciting adventures.  Some of them include:

Music has always been a big part of my life.  It started when I was very young.  I have three sisters whose names are Patti, Pennie and Peggy.  When I was young, my mom and dad used to dress us all up alike and we used to sing at nursing homes, churches, and community festivals.  My grandma even got involved and put choreography to our songs!  I have the best mom and dad in the world!!!  Here they are:

In 1983, me and 28 of my fellow CWLP employees won the Illinois State lottery twice within 2 months!!!!  It was the Little Lotto and we had to split it 28 ways, so we didn't win millions; but it was definitely fun.  We received a lot of publicity including the front page of the paper and since I was the "leader" of the lottery pool, I appeared on our local news.

Several years ago (at a time I was in pretty good shape), CWLP had a brand new water tower built.  I told my boss I thought it would be cool to climb to the top of it before it was filled with water.    So....he said "Why not?" and I did.  It was filled with water the next day.  Here's pictures for proof.  Believe me, it was not an easy feat!
For several summers, I took time off from my City job to work at the Illinois State Fair.  Some of my responsibilities were taking care of the roving characters (believe me, I met some very interesting people doing this!), the diaper derby, diaper decorating contest, talent competition among many other fun things.  But the BEST  year was the one I got to be the personal assistant to the Sound of the Supremes, a very big act at the fair.  I prepared their supper after their shows, made sure their limo picked them up and got them back to their hotel, and basically just hung out with them making sure they were taken care of.

For several years, I was the manager of a Christian rock-and-roll band named "Runner."  What fun we had.  We played at churches, community festivals, and several state prisons!  Here's their picture.

For two years, I was one of the lead coordinators for a huge Christian music festival called Powerlight Fest, which involved over 3,000 attendees.  We had around 7 Christian bands, including 3 top national acts.

My grandmother also lived a very interesting life.  I convinced her to write a book, which she did and dedicated it to me!!!!

I won the Fastest Typist in Springfield contest 3 years in a row!

In 1991, I was in a very serious car accident where me and my then 4-year old son were thrown out of the back-end of our mini-van onto a very busy highway.  Our van was totaled.  I was told by all the medical attendees (and there were ALOT of them) that I was a living miracle (as was my son).  The experience totally changed my life, and ever since I have viewed each day I walk on this earth as a gift from God.

I belong to several organizations including:

National Association of Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

American Society of Travel Agents

I'm an active member of West Side Christian church, where I've held various leadership roles in the past.  I've been a youth sponsor, a class officer for my Sunday School Class of over 100, and more recently held a weekly Bible study for college-career aged young people

Well, I hope I didn't bore you too much.  Maybe you found something on this page that you have in common with me!  I love hearing from people and I answer all e-mails.