Las Vegas Photo Album
July 30, 2001 through August 3rd, I attended the National Subway Convention in Las Vegas Nevada.  It was especially exciting since Kevin went with me this trip!  Also attending were Myra Jackson (from the beach commercial), Sean O'Kane (from the first commercial that I was in), and Ken Sanford (in an up-coming commercial that I'm also in).

Here are just SOME of the pictures I took (I took four rolls of film altogether).

Here I am at home, all ready for the big trip!

We stayed at the Paris Las Vegas, which was just beautiful, especially in the evening.

Getting serenaded in the hotel shopping area.

Kevin and I spent one day sightseeing.  Here were are in front of our hotel.  We walked for miles and went into most of the bigger hotels on the strip.

Here I am with Kenneth  and Myra in the booth that we "worked".  I thought we would be passing out flyers, but we sat in the booth and people stood in line to have their pictures taken with us and get our autographs. Sean and I were in the booth Tuesday and Myra and Kenneth were in the booth on Wednesday. Jared was in the booth both days and, of course, had the longest line.

One of my favorite pictures - Inbetween two very healthy hunks...I mean gladiators at Caesar's Palace.  But read on....

But here I am with my two FAVORITE hunks!!!!  Jared and my hubby Kevin.

This is the stage at the General Session (and also for the Gala Dinner the last evening).  It was a huge theater, and the whole event was similar to the Academy Awards.  When someone would come out on stage, the band (to the right) would play, just like at the Awards.  It was very professionally done.

Another shot of the stage, also showing one of the three big screens so everyone could see those on stage and ALSO so they could show past and future commercials, and some very neat videos about Subway

Is it a bird? a plane? superman?  No, it's Chris Carroll making his grand apearance.  Chris is one of the top staff members at Subway and was with us during all of our commercial shoots in California.   He was professional and all business at our shoots, so it was neat seeing the really wild and crazy side of him.

Here is where me and Sean from the first commercial along with Myra from the beach commercial, and Ken from the new up-coming commercial made our appearance on stage.  Boy was I nervous.  In fact, the night before I broke out in hives!!!!  But we all did really well.

All of the commercials were shown on the big screen.  You might recognize this commercial that showed me getting off the bus and strutting down the street.

Now it's my turn to speak.  I told the audience "Hi, I'm Pam Blakeman and I lost 60 pounds.  Not only do I have more energy for my busy family, but I also have a whole new wardrobe.  Thank you Jared and thank you Subway."

At the end of the General Session, they had some very cool dancers - see, I told you it was just like the Academy Awards!!

The last night of the conference there was a really nice cocktail party followed by a Gala Dinner Party.  This is me sitting by a fountain in the hotel, waiting to go to the festivities.

Kevin and me all dressed up for the dinner party.  Don't we make a handsome couple?

This is our table at the Gala Dinner.  We were seated with some really nice people from Texas.  You can just barely see me on the left toasting the end of a very fun week.